Our goal is to provide a clean, safe, and healthy environment for your pet while you are away. Required vaccinations are for your pets, our pets, as well as our staff. Guests without properly documented vaccinations will not be allowed to check in.


For Dogs

DHLPP Distemper Series – Must be current within one(1) year.

Rabies – Must be current within one(1), two(2) or three(3) years depending on vaccinations your veterinarian uses.

Bordetella – Must be current according to your veterinarian. This vaccination protects against upper respiratory and/or Canine Cough.


For Cats

FVRCP Upper Respiratory – Must be current within one (1) year.

Rabies – Must be current within one (1), two (2) or three (3) years depending on vaccination your veterinarian uses.

** Proof of vaccinations is required for all boarding & daycare services. We do require updated vaccines and proof for pets that would like to stay at our hotel. Please bring a copy of the most current vaccination record/receipt with your pet or have your veterinarian fax them directly to Tipton Pet Hotel. Fax#: (806) 771-4638.


Medications – Medications can be administered at the cost of $2 a day. Customers must provide all medications that are clearly marked, as well as any special treats needed. We use peanut butter and cheese.

  • Written instructions are not required but are always helpful.
  • Please make the front desk aware of all medications during check-in.